Whenever there is an interesting process in metallic reactions prone to produce sound in the more obvious or rather totally unobvious way, noise enthusiast HgM ("(H)organismo. (G)ravemente. (M)alato") from Italy starts an experiment to record certain reactions and processes.  In his recent contribution to our label he collects several works he has recorded over the last years. A very interesting world between field recordings and noisy drones is spread over two golden C-30 chromedioxid tapes, housed in a foil with a warning sticker and embedded in a high quality oversized cartonage 4c cover and a metallic object. Limited to 42 copies.

This material was found on a CD-R in Toscana without any information.
We decided to release this obscure material - whether it's authentic or not.
A deep journey into processed violent recordings with devil voices from another world.
This army green C-25 comes with a very special unique handmade painted artwork, limited
to only 34 copies worldwide. Includes a phiole filled with poison to make suicide easier.

Oh - how we waited for so long (both you and the label) to reveal new material by
the secret Italian producer Christine Nogociella who debuted our beloved and already massively sold out VOWHO003. Now she returns with an epic journey through satanistic rituals she has been part of long time ago (as she proclaims). A massive drone-laden 4 x MC (240 minutes duration in TOTAL!) and possibly the most thrilling work we released so far on our label. This orange translucent 4 x MC is limited to 50 copies and will be distributed by Drone Records only. Check their site to grad yourself a copy. This is a legendary painful release that will change your mind entirely.

This is the first time Voluntary Whores releases a "real band" album - and what could it be else than something from the metal genre? Chochos Y Moscas is a fantastic underrated underground grindcore-band from Spain with several digital releases on Bandcamp, some hard-to-purchase limited CDs and even cassettes. So this very short album with more than 20 tracks on a total duration time of 5 minutes(!) is all about fruits and the uncomfortable grotesque themes evolving around the fascination for vitamin c. "The Shake Of Fruit To Come" serves big cartonage 4c-printed fold-out cover, orange cassette shell and a very fruity neat object. Limited to 50 copies only.

The first self-titled wardrobe memories album (also sometimes called „1999“ in some circles) was released on CD-R with a do-it-yourself plush artwork - the first catalog number on the small underground label „schneetreiben“. with just a limitation of 20 copies this handmade item was quickly sold out. in the same year wardrobe memories released its second album „grand canyon tracks“ - again on label schneetreiben with the same strict limitation. this double cassette re-release documents the first wardrobe memories years. Comes with button-object, postcard and yellow shell coloration. Limited to 50 copies.

The other half of the artist couple that recently shakes the ground in germany's underground art scene releases a new interesting collaboration with ex-national opera singer gui rong from china. One of the most disturbing hard listening-tapes on Voluntary Whores combines pieces composed only with the help of bicycle components, strange chinese singing and
abnormal field recordings. Comes as C-50 indigo blue cassette, 21x21cm big art cover
and a semi-tasty art object. Limited to 70 copies worldwide.

Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer are well-known to the crafting art scene in Germany with their extreme live performances and sculptures/pictures they regularly exhibit.
Mama Bear's new solo release includes 3 tracks (Khmerzen 1 to 3) with very strange and dark soundtrack-ambient accompanied by crying / alienated voice overs - and on B-side the 10-minute madness "for the maincontrol" - a walk through non-existing forests.If you are into deep and scary soundscapes, this might be the right tape for you. Transparent C20-tape comes with natural object and is limited to 41 copies only.

The mysterious project "Menthe De Menthe"has always been a transmitter between old hardcore, industrial, drones, noise and ambient with different CD-R releases in 2012 and 2013. "Amore" is a very sarcastic payback to over-sweetened album concepts and positive vibes, turning every positive thinking into dark and negative energy. While love has always been either something sad or an exaggeratingly happy occasion in music industry, Menthe De Menthe proves every singer/songwriter-protagonist wrong by mixing pale nostalgia with shivering cold electronics. This baby blue C-30 tape is limited to 50 copies and comes - as usual - with a nice object and big sized artwork.

Wardrobe Memories has been around since 1999 - serving Drones and melodic dark ambient on CD-R, vinyl and Cassette. After releases on Dhyana Records, EE Tapes and several other hard-to-purchase longplayers, sparsely spread in very limited runs, a new LP on shhhh records appeared in 2011 with foggy soundtracks and subtle beats. Now after 2 years (and almost one year in the making) the new album by Wardrobe Memories appears with a green C-50 audio cassette on Voluntary Whores, strictly limited to 48 copies, serving 14 soundtrack-songs for a never released steampunk-darkfuture-movie. Release comes with a futuristic object and oversized printed artwork.

The newest contribution to Voluntary Whores is no one else than "Flutwacht" - a project deeply connected to the label "The Tourette Tapes" which has always been a secret hint in the noise- and drone-scene. What we hear in this 100-minute-madness is a dark descent into the most hostile caves after a bloody battle has ended. Dark and dry noise-drones and devil-ish soundscapes take you to a ride into a black/white landscape. Like the soundtrack to an imaginary dark future movie. In this land no one could possibly survive. This grey-colored C100-tape comes with a big photo cover and is strictly limited to 70 copies worldwide.

Voluntary Whores is very proud to present their newest addition to the cassette roster: Big City Orchestra "6 fairy tales", being buried almost 12 years in our office (back in Dusseldorf then), comes as a bi-colored C-60 audio cassette, including an oriental object, packed in a 21+21cm oversized artwork and limited to 120 copies. This time dAS and Ninah add even more obscurities to their sound world - a rhythmic unexplainable maelstrom of oriental workouts and atmospheres, combined with drones not from this world. Hard to explain stylistically, always following their own rules in the mystic world of UB. A must-have cassette!

Sascha Schierloh aka Jean Bach aka You-name-it is in the court again. With plenty releases on labels like Dhyana Records this strange guy always tried to offer the gross things in life that seem to be forgotten in this fancy and polished world. "Rudelbumsführer Alois Glotz" (translated "Packfuckleader Alois Gaze") may probably be his most rough work to date. His debut release "Das Privileg des Bessergestellten" ("The privilege of the better positioned") works with stereo-nausea from already forgotten trash bins and transforms it into something very disgusting, impossible to name, rising from the slime of plague-infected knights. Lim. 50 brown shit-tape with gimmick and patriotic artwork.

The new cassette on Voluntary Whores travels to the more harsh side of noise - not made for too faint-hearted listeners and consumers. Daniele Perra from Sardinia/Italy spills out a hateful trip, manifested in two tracks - each of them
15 minutes in duration - where religious and sexual suppression overtakes pleasure and positivism. Like a torture chamber arisen out of the physical desires suddenly exploded from burdened discipline and
social / religious ethics. This release comes in oversized art-package as a 30-minutes-cassette, a quite disgusting object and a baby-pink colored design. Limited to 50 copies worldwide.

We are glad to announce that the russian/european-eastern scene is still alive and cooks some great ambient and noize sounds in the hidden kitchens. 5 members living in Russian Federation, Moldavia and Belarus got together to the ambitious project "Mynoda" which deals with found sounds, desperate ambient and harsh noise attacks in a surrounding which can only be described as left industrial buildings and hopeless destruction. Their use of ambient leftovers results in a great night atmosphere, cold and unveiled. This "red glittering" tape comes in a limitation of 70 copies - 21x21cm art cover and a beautiful "shining-stars-gimmick".

Down from the lair comes another evidence that resembles bears-tape (VOWHO001) in it's concept and was handed out to the label by new artist (or better: victim) Christine Nogociella. Her catholic Italian roots were always ruling her life - that's why she joined the new convention of St. Victus Church long time ago. The organist found a manipulated tape in the garden area - strangely layered choir voices and dark Satan-like sound streams. A terrific and disgusting journey through meditative eeriness. C-105, pink cassette and a very grotesque object from the original place of St. Victus convention. Limited to 40 copies. No repress!

We are glad to release Brume's new 60-minutes-album on "Voluntary Whores" - strictly limited to 60 cassettes in big size art cover including a quite special "object". His new work "7 trumpets" takes us on a journey through the darkest and strangest ambient-, noise- and environmental sounds of unidentifiable sources. This time the whole story deals with the landing of evil itself on planet earth (kind of soundtrack to the armageddon) - coming in 7 stages. Not recommended to those who are afraid of the dark - this one is really scaring and intense. For all of you who can deal with intense atmospheres, blackest darkness and shivering soundtracks - this is the deal!

The new noise/ambient/field recording/drone and electro-acoustic tape-label "Voluntary Whores" presents its first C60-cassette "bears." coming in a heavy limitation of 40 copies. The artwork consists of a big sized photo, a big inlay card and a "surprisingly authentic gimmick".
No re-release ever!The journey leads us to a strange place where a legend about missing adventurers reveals traces of aggressive bears, not from this world. A tape full of Heavy noise, strange conversations, live footage, deep drones and soundtrack-ish ambient for dark nights and bad dreams.